I help people turn problems into possibilities through creative thinking


As an experienced international keynote speaker and a long time expert in technology and creative thinking in one of the most transformational companies of the world, Google, I will take you through a journey to unlock your brain and help organizations untap people's potential to invent and imagine something new, have a direct impact in the bottom line and dream up a better tomorrow.

I am a proud Colombian business woman with over 15 years of digital expertise and international work experience in Latin America, USA, and Europe as a neuroscience-trained digital marketing strategist for hundreds of top, global brands. I am an expert on business strategy, innovation, and neuromarketing, graduated from Harvard Business School of Management, Kellogg School of Management, The Wharton School, and IE Business school.

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As an international keynote speaker, put me in the hot seat for a keynote or a panel interview. I'll help ignite greatness at your org's next event. 

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Vasil Azarov

Founder, Growth Marketing Conference

I had the pleasure of working with Camila at our Product, Growth & Innovation Virtual Summit that brought together 8k+ marketing leaders and innovators from around the world. Camila did a fantastic job, kept the audience engaged, and her presentation ranked at the top!   

George Sifakis

Chairman and CEO,

Thank you so much for your inspirational presentation at the Annual Ideagen Global Leadership 2030 Summit.

We are honored that you were able to be a part of this global leadership summit. 

Jack Debono

Event Manager SEC

Camila joined us as a thought leader at the Future of Sales Festival where she spoke in detail about how sellers can uncap their secret seller superpower. Camila was brilliant - she was engaging and offered up some truly original insights and strategies to our global audience of sales leaders which inspired them to think more creatively.

Speaking topics.

Provoke the genius within: How the solution to your biggest business challenges might be a squiggle away


In today's world with a global economic slowdown, a pandemic, social division, and huge economic changes like automation, humanity craves for solutions. 

So how do we turn problems into possibilities? 
By remembering the most powerful, innate asset we have,

I will take you through a journey to explore how creative thinking processes can help untap potential for growth in your organizations and solve problems in unorthodox ways.

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Unlocking your team's secret superpower: How to unleash the most important asset in your team


In the last 12 months, we have seen 10 years of change. If 2020 taught us something is that we need to be prepared for anything on the horizon. 

If you want to stay in business, get ahead of competitors, meet your new customer needs, impact your bottom line, you and your team are going to need to think thoughts you have never thought before!

I will teach you how unlocking your team's creative thinking potential can help you grow and bulletproof your business for the future!

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