Do you have a winning idea?

What if you could take a peek at the future and know if you have a winning idea before you put it out there. 




Did you know that 90% of businesses fail?

What if there was a proven way that dramatically increased the odds of success?

Learn how to find out if your idea has what it takes before sinking time and money into putting it out there. 


Tell me more!

Fast forward into the future.

What if I were to tell you that there is a way in which you could...



Innovate like Big tech does...

Launch your business idea using the same formula that big tech uses to launch successful businesses into the market.




Avoid wasting time and resources...

On putting an idea out there that might not work. 




Yes, It Really Is Possible!

At The Winning Idea Bootcamp, you’ll know if you have a winning idea before you put it out there 



Let's Talk

Hey, my name is
Camila Kaul


I’m not fancy :) but I have a fancy background in Neuroscience, marketing and strategy... honed during my time at Harvard, Kellogg School of Management, The Wharton School, IE Business school and Google.

During my 12 years at Google, I've worked with hundreds of companies across the globe and across industries as a neuroscience trained digital marketing strategist In those countless meetings, I've gained a new perspective on how to curate and implement innovation principles to help companies grow.

I saw first-hand how thinking creatively can ignite growth for all types of businesses. 





I'd like to share my secrets with you!

In the next 6 weeks you will……

  • Know if your idea is worth pursuing, before you spend time and money on it.
  • Get valuable customer insights to know if your product will be a hit with the market.
  • A guided, step-by-step system that helps you get your business ideas off the ground.
  • Get unstuck, moving and accountable.
  • Have clarity and focus on what needs to be done to implement a successful business idea without the fear and anxiety of the unknown.




Are you ready to get your napkin idea into reality?

The Winning Idea Bootcamp, is a one-of-a-kind, customized experience that will help you find your winning idea as quickly as possible. With our tailored curriculum, high-touch coaching, and 15 years of experience in innovation in tech companies, I can help you identify what to do and how to do it.

You will learn how to…

  • Find the best idea to pursue
  • Lower your risk of launching a business
  • Know the future now

Find out if your idea is worth pursuing with vital information needed to make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes.


So, what's this bootcamp like…



This program is 6 weeks of content and high-touch coaching to dramatically increase the odds of success .

Every week you will have a combination of content and personal coaching tailored to your business. You will have access:

  • To the content of the week
  • Fun and easy exercises to complete and
  • We put it all together in a weekly 1:1 coaching  to tailor everything to your business and bring your idea to life!

It's a personal business coach in your pocket. Provides accountability and direction to support you as you start a business.

You will learn how to: 



Week 1 - THINK like innovators

So you can feel empowered to create your dream

  • Put your brain in the right state of mind to innovate
  • Learn the best techniques to jumpstart your brain to think differently
  • This will  empower you






Week 2 - UNDERSTAND the problem to be solved

So you can find the best solution for it.

  • Get crystal clear on what success looks like
  • Learn what consumers need and how can you help them
  • This will give you alignment






Week 3 - EXPLORE the potential of your ideas

So you are not leaving opportunities on the table

  • The more ideas you have, the better the outcomes
  • This will show you the potential of your business






Week 4 - DISTILL the best ideas

So you can decide which ones have a better chance of making it

  • Decide and refine the best type of ideas that will have the most impact
  • Go from 100 ideas to a couple of ones that are most useful and can actually be created
  • It will give you clarity







Week 5 - VALIDATE your ideas

Come up with a feasible, usable example of your solution… so you can test out your ideas without investing a ton of time, money, or resources

  • You will share it with potential users/customers and get their opinions
  • It will give you certainty






Week 6 - MAKE Ideas come true

Project manages its launch… so it becomes a reality, not just a nice dream

  • It will provide a simple yet powerful Blueprint to get ideas from in your head into reality.
  • It will give you focus






What do you get?

The most important thing you get at the end is an answer as to whether your concept is going to work or not.

This program is based on design thinking methodologies and created to reduce the risk of bringing a new product to the market. It’s shown to produce 7x savings on time, and at least 2x savings on budget. 


Large companies  have already jumped on this type of methodologies.

Now is your turn! 


The Winning Idea bootcamp is the ultimate win-win

It reduces costs for entrepreneurs, reduces the risk for investors, reduces headaches and scope-creep when creating the product or service. And of course — it is much better for consumers to have products and services that they actually want, need, and like. 

Let's Talk

This program is for you if…

  • You are an aspiring entrepreneur and you are feeling overwhelmed and confused with WHAT idea would be the best to succeed
  • You have a business idea but are not sure where to start
  • You have identified a business need
  • You are OK with doing things differently 
  • You are ready to take  ideas and dreams into the real word whatever it takes


Check out what some of my clients had to say after spending some time with me recently…



"Camila’s sessions will undoubtedly bring out the best in your team. Camila's insight is second to none in terms of quickly building a business plan that is idea-driven, action-oriented, and destined for success. Unlock your potential by calling Camila today."

Jeanette Pineiro - Foundation Director. Defy Ventures


"Camila is a natural leader and her sessions are evidence of her willingness to develop others. I rediscovered my human capital and now I can confidently act on turning my dreams into reality."

Esther Akinwande - American Airlines




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Now at this point, I am sure you are excited about the program … But there also might still be some questions holding you back from making the right decision for you and your business.

I want to help answer that for you now :) I have taken the top questions I have been asked about Think Up Bootcamp and popped them below with answers… In case you were wondering the same thing. 



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