Is your team STUCK?

Do you know the cost of being stuck? 






Organizations that don't prioritize innovation to move forward risk

losing up to 20% of their revenue in the next 5 years.








What if there was a proven way that dramatically increased the odds of success?


In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, the failure to embrace creativity and innovation can have devastating consequences. Ignoring creativity can sabotage your company's growth and success


What if you had the key to break free from stagnation and unlock your team's true potential?





Discover how business creativity can transform how your team approaches problems, come up with new ideas, and make better decisions





Go from...



Lacking fresh ideas to...

Learning how to spark new solutions and gain a competitive advantage.








Being fixated on one way of solving problems to...

Transforming the way they think saving time & resources.








Needing to improve decision making to...

Empowering them to choose by considering a wider set of options.








Feeling not valued and disengaged to...

Being motivated  because they feel their ideas are making a real difference.










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Sounds interesting?


In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, creative thinking is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. 

Companies that invest in creative problem-solving, idea generation, and decision-making are more likely to:

  • increase revenue by 15% from new products, services, & business models

  • reduce costs by up to 30% through more efficient processes

  • increase employee satisfaction 50% due to higher engagement

Learn how the most innovative companies in the world use business creativity to grow and apply it to your teams.  






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How do we do this?

We Turn Creativity into a Powerful Business Advantage! 

Our services are designed to unlock your team's true creative potential and boost your business. 

We provide...


INSPIRATION                                                    DIRECTION                                                ACTIVATION         









Upgrade your team's creative skills to generate innovative solutions through an interactive training. 





I want it for my team


Bring the party to your team with a lively groundbreaking brainstorming session to generate fresh ideas. 





I want more details


A tailored approach to learning detailed innovation techniques and incorporating creativity into daily work.  





I want it for my team




When you need to:

- PLAN something (ex. quarterly planning), 

- SOLVE something (ex. new marketing campaign) or 

- ALIGN the direction of your team

(ex. Off-sites, team-building events) 


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Check out what some of my clients had to say after our latest sessions 








Camila delivered a great workshop!

She armed the team with tools to drive innovation, provided a clear framework to go from lots of ideas to a few quality ones tied to company objectives and did so in a real, fun, engaging way.

Her workshop was ranked as the best part of our offsite with a score of 4.5 out of 5.


Oral Muir, VP of Distribution


Camila is a super smart and skilled professional with a fantastic background and knowledge. Camila help us explore a different approach about innovative ideas for policy and government affairs issues and I received a very good feedback from my team on how Camila helped us to really "think out of the box". Camila developed a fantastic session and always brings added value and a positive energy to my projects.


Anna Lucia Lenis - Director of Government Affairs & Public Policy



The power of creativity tasted like strawberries!🍓 I was not aware of how much the type of creative problem solving and willingness to jump into uncomfortable ideas could jumpstart the process of  tackling something we previously thought as a fact of life. The possibilities are endless like strawberries you can mix creativity into almost anything and it will make it better.  

By the end our our session with Camila I'm sure I was not the only one that thought 🤔 this could be way better, and we can do this. Like a good fresh strawberry it felt right. 

Arturo Vazquez-  Head of Engineering


Let's talk

Discover what business creativity looks for you and how it can help your organization go from problems to possibilities.