Your most important meetings of the year don't need to be the most boring ones.


A lot of these meetings are filled with tons of stuff to analyze, and after all of that, we put a plan in place - a bunch of things to do. This is the standard form of strategy and planning. But this should be a CREATIVE MOMENT, an opportunity to IMAGINE POSSIBILITIES. 

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What does a creative session look like?


These sessions are a customized experience based on you challenge, your team and your organization.

Our Creative thinking sessions generally are:

  • 4 hours to 5 days depending on the challenge
  • Ideally, in a creative space to unlock creativity (I have done them in plane hangars and boats!).  Can also be done digitally.
  • Full of collaborative tools and exercises based on your tailored made roadmap
  • Ends with an activation plan to follow
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Here is an example

One of our latest sessions...

Defy Ventures

Just a Squiggle's creative thinking sessions will undoubtedly bring out the best in your team. Camila's insight is second to none in terms of quickly building a business plan that is idea-driven, action-oriented and destined for success. Unlock your potential by calling Camila today.

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Discover what a tailored made creative thinking session looks for you and how it can help your organization go from problems to possibilities.