Your most important meetings of the year don't need to be the most boring ones.


A lot of these meetings are filled with tons of stuff to analyze, and after all of that, we put a plan in place - a bunch of things to do. This is the standard form of strategy and planning. But this should be a CREATIVE MOMENT, an opportunity to IMAGINE POSSIBILITIES.  


I want this for my team!

Access innovation techniques used by the

world's biggest organizations 


What does a business creativity workshop look like?


These sessions are a customized experience based on you challenge, your team and your organization.

Our Creative thinking sessions generally are:

  • 2 hours to 5 days depending on the challenge
  • Ideally, in a creative space to unlock creativity (I have done them in plane hangars and boats!).  Can also be done digitally.
  • Full of collaborative tools and exercises based on your tailored made roadmap
  • Ends with an activation plan to follow



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What clients are saying about our latest sessions...



Jeanette Pineiro

Foundation Director

Just a Squiggle's creative thinking sessions will undoubtedly bring out the best in your team. Camila's insight is second to none in terms of quickly building a business plan that is idea-driven, action-oriented, and destined for success. Unlock your potential by calling Camila today.



Leonardo Roman

Chief Engineer

The most valuable thing we got out of the workshop was the motivation of the team to challenge the current situation and drive participants to achieve the company targets. Implementing the workshop ideas will dramatically change results to ensure the profitability of our new project. The workshop significantly drove the generation of new ideas in an environment that empowered people.



Steve De Long

San Diego Tech Community

Camila recently ran a workshop on creative ideation – specifically a technique to provoke your brain to access its superpowers to solve problems by unlocking your creativity. It was an amazing event AND she took the time to match with my audience in several one-to-one chats. If you are looking for help in finding ways to access your creative superpowers I can highly recommend Camila. 



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Discover what a tailored made business creativity workshop looks for you and how it can help your organization go from problems to possibilities.