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From Pressure Cooker to Provocative Ideation

Picture it. Your boss puts you in the hot seat. They ask you to come up with a solution to a problem now...or sooner. Under that type of pressure, it’s easy to feel writer's block. Or it simply feels impossible to come up with something novel.

Boss pings: "Anything yet?"


What your brain needs in this moment isn’t more pressure. 

It needs a provocation. 

Brain food to grow ideas. To think thoughts it’s never thought before.
To become more expansive and creative. 

So in those moments when you feel paralyzed by pressure, it’s NOT the time to put your nose to the grindstone. Instead it’s time to have fun and IDEATE. 


One great way to provoke you brain is with the technique NO RULES ALLOWED

The idea is deliberately challenge all the existing rules and assumptions you have about a particular topic.

For example: I want to create the next new bar experience. My assumptions or rules are that bars have to have people as...

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