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Fail fast and Fail often


The trick behind successful ideas is to always continue iterating.  The problem is that when we feel our idea is ready, we go out to the world and we tested in the entire market. 

What generally happens is that you end up with not a ton of engagement and you might think the idea is a failure.  

So, instead of finding out if it works with your entire market,  you need to TEST and learn before you IMPLEMENT. 

This will enable you to observe how a group of users  interact with the idea in its current state, and ask for feedback on how the experience feels so it can get better. 

It's all about putting the user first. By gathering first-hand user feedback, you can make informed  decisions and improve user satisfaction in the long run. 

Take Google for example. Test and iterate is part of our 8 pillars of innovation.  The first version of Google ads, released in 1999, wasn’t very successful – almost no one clicked...

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1.0, 1.1, 1.2 Liftoff!


95% of  products fail. 

Think of the money wasted...the frustrated investors. EVERYONE wondering...what did we miss? What happened?

Well, what happened was a faulty launch. 

They launched by leaping. They launched before learning. We often get so caught up in the big vision that we miss validating if the idea works on a small scale first.

The way you increase the chances of success is through a prototype: a sample version of your product or process that helps you to test your ideas before investing time and money into actually developing them.

And here is the trick, this process never stops, the fact that you have a launched product doesn't mean you stop learning to make it better every day. 

You're never leaping into the unknown with fingers crossed, instead you're in a constant state of learning.

So how can you prevent your next launch from failing? Here’s the secret I’ve learned from working at one of the biggest...

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